Commercially Sexually Exploited Children in Seattle/King County 2019 Update

  • Commercially Sexually Exploited Children in Seattle/King County 2019 Update


    In 2019, StolenYouth commissioned Cultural Anthropologist Debra Boyer, PhD, to update the 2008 study, Who Pays the Price, to re-examine the issue of CSEC (commercially sexually exploited children) in our area and determine what we should be doing next to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children. For this study, Commercially Sexually Exploited Children in Seattle/King County- 2019 Update, 21 participating agencies identified 473 unduplicated CSEC who received services in 2018.

    The 21 reporting Seattle and King County agencies provide either direct social services to CSE youth, or are programs that include law enforcement and prosecutorial offices that prosecute commercial sexual abuse of a minor (CSAM) and child sex trafficking cases. These agencies reviewed their 2018 case file information and reported the number of CSE youth (age ≤ 24) they served. The number of CSEC identified in services in 2019 (473) approaches the higher end of the service planning estimate of 300-500 given in 2008. The 2019 service planning estimate of 500-700 results from an increase of services available and more effective identification of CSEC Service providers and policy advocates should prepare for increased service needs as more exploited youth are identified.


    For more information and to read the full report, click below.CSEC in King County 2019 Update.

    Download the full report: CSEC in King County 2019 Update



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