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Seattle Times (07/22/19)
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StolenYouth is hosting a Town Hall meeting in Seattle Nov. 6 on the connections between homelessness, foster care and child sex trafficking.


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FOSTA-SESTA Anti-Trafficking Bill Passed (03/27/2018)
In a landslide vote of 97-2, the Senate passed the FOSTA-SESTA bill which takes direct aim at websites that facilitate and profit from sex trafficking.


"I Am Jane Doe" Takes On Backpage (01/16/2017)
The New Yorker's take on the new film, "I Am Jane Doe."
"“I Am Jane Doe” eventually becomes a quest for a hero: which crusading lawyer or outraged politician will pierce Backpage’s legal shield?"

Boys Count, Too
Coverage of StolenYouth's 2017 Town Hall event.

Can We "Cure" the Men Who Pay for Sex? (02/02/2017)
QG published a great piece on the Men's Accountability program that StolenYouth funds through the Organization for Prostitution Survivors.

Kenworth T680 to be Auctioned Off to Fight Human Trafficking (02/07/2017)
An “Everyday Heroes” themed Kenworth T680 is going on tour and will be auctioned off to support Truckers Against Trafficking.

A New Movie Spotlights the Teenagers Working to Expose Child Sex Trafficking (02/19/2107)
A reporter from Vogue interviewed the director of the film "I Am Jane Doe", Mary Mazzio.


KOMO NEWS Interview (3/25/2015)
Fighting Youth Trafficking in Seattle, an interview with StolenYouth President Patty Fleischmann.


The State Of Sex Trafficking In King County (2/5/2015)   
Coverage of StolenYouth's annual Town Hall event.


“Don’t Buy Our Kids” Billboard Campaign (4/20/2015)
StolenYouth partnered with Mayor Murray, the City of Seattle, The Center for Children and Youth Justice, and Clear Channel Outdoor on a billboard campaign to combat child sex trafficking.


KING5 New Day with Margaret Larson (4/13/2015)
StolenYouth Brings Hope to Seattle, an interview with Noel Gomez of OPS and StolenYouth Vice President Paula Clapp.


#NotOnOurWatch Awareness Campaign (2/10/2015)
Inspired by our deep belief that trafficked children and youth could be any of our kids, we launched an awareness campaign that utilized social media, video, billboards, and local news outlets to help educate our community.

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2015 Not On Our Watch Video

2014 #NotOnOurWatch

2014 Not On Our Watch Video

2014 Not On Our Watch Video

StolenYouth names global health expert, Pam Norick, as president

Sept 15th, 2018

Human trafficking is modern-day slavery, and it is one of the most challenging human rights issue of our time. StolenYouth, the Seattle-based nonprofit committed to ending child sex trafficking in Washington state, has reinforced its mission with the hiring of Pam Norick as president, the company announced today.

Norick is a global health expert and consultant with decades of experience advocating for women’s health innovations worldwide. For the past 15 years, she has served in nonprofit leadership positions dedicated to improving women and girls’ health and rights in some of the world’s most underserved communities. Her work has helped create access to affordable medicines and services to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic and other global health crises.

“Pam is a seasoned and accomplished nonprofit leader who has led movements to address the biggest, most complex, global issues of our time, including HIV and teen pregnancy,” said Patty Fleischmann, co-founder of StolenYouth. “She is committed to our mission and has the proven leadership to guide us in realizing our goal to end child sex trafficking in Washington state.”

“It is horrendous to know that we have children and youth on the streets of Seattle and in the state of Washington who are enslaved and trafficked,” said Norick. “Many will want to look away, but we must confront this brutal truth with honesty, intellect and moral courage. StolenYouth is taking the issue of human trafficking out of the dark corners of our cities and communities and into the light of day where we can offer support and healing as we chart solutions.”

StolenYouth’s board of directors has adopted an exciting and optimistic approach to solving a devastating social evil. Since its founding in 2012, StolenYouth has acted as convener, funder and chief architect of Seattle’s movement to eradicate child sex trafficking by increasing awareness and action within the courts, law enforcement, education and social services. 

StolenYouth has helped shift the perception of sex trafficked children from criminals to victims. As a result, for the past three years, King County has prosecuted zero minors for prostitution and instead refers child victims to StolenYouth’s partners for safety, support and school enrollment.

“I am inspired by StolenYouth’s approach to challenge the status quo in tackling this seemingly intractable problem, and I am thrilled to lead StolenYouth as we write its next chapter,” Norick added.

As president of StolenYouth, Norick will firmly establish StolenYouth as an evidence-based nonprofit, putting into place the necessary infrastructure and processes to support the organization’s urgent humanitarian mission. She will work closely with the board of directors to expand StolenYouth’s impact on policy, increase funding capacity, build deeper community awareness of the issues, and provide support to coalition and community partners. 

In addition, Norick takes the reins at StolenYouth as the organization has been selected by the Seattle Hotel Association as the beneficiary of its annual Evening of Hope Gala and Auction. The Gala, to be held February 2, 2019, showcases StolenYouth’s efforts to support and empower those who have been affected by this unimaginable abuse and will honor its founders as Women of Wonder.

Prior to her nonprofit global health work, Norick served for nearly ten years as a senior legislative advisor in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate. While working in the Senate, she served as Foreign Policy and National Security aide to Washington state’s U.S. Senator Patty Murray.

Throughout her career, Norick has a track record of building networks of strategic relationships to achieve organizational goals. Whether working in Congress on legislative initiatives requiring bipartisan support, or promoting issues that can attract controversy such HIV/AIDS and family planning, she brings extensive experience mobilizing constituencies for common purpose. She has managed and built a variety of coalitions, including physician advocate networks in Africa, a bipartisan coalition for family planning in Congress, an NGO network in Africa and Europe for women’s health advocacy, and media groups in Africa and the US.

Norick received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington and a master’s degree from the School of International Service at American University in Washington, DC.

“After so many years of working globally, I am excited and honored to have the opportunity to return to Seattle and contribute to the well-being of the place I know and love as home. Coming to StolenYouth, ‘coming home’ to Seattle to work and serve our communities on such an important issue, is a dream come true,” Norick added.

Patty Fleischmann, co-founder of StolenYouth, has served as board chair and president of the organization since its inception seven years ago. With the hire of Pam Norick as its new president and the election of a new board chair, Fleischmann will provide continuity to the organization as she assumes the role of president of the board emeritus and a member of the executive team. She will continue to provide leadership with StolenYouth’s donors and coalition members, as well as be an advocate for StolenYouth on the national stage.