Signs & Actions

Indicators of Trafficking

Source: National Center for Missing & Exploited Children


Behavioral Indicators:

  • Child has a significant change in behavior, including increased virtual behavior or associates with a new group of friends
  • Child appears frightened, resistant, or belligerent to law enforcement
  • Child looks to others before answering questions
  • Child does not ask for help or resists offers to get out of the situatio
  • Child lies about age or identity
  • Child seems coached in talking to law enforcement
  • Child uses trafficking-related terms like “trick”, “the life” or “the game”


Physical Indicators:

  • Child has multiple cell phones
  • Child has large amounts of cash or pre-paid credit cards
  • Child has no ID, or ID is held by another person
  • Multiple children are present with an unrelated male or female
  • Child has unusual/unexplained sexual paraphernalia
  • Child has a name or symbol tattooed, burned or branded onto their body
  • Child has hotel keys, receipts, or other items from a hotel/motel
  • Presence of an overly controlling “boyfriend”
  • Child has an appearance that does not fit their current situation (e.g. homeless youth who has electronics, new clothes, or hair/nails done)

See something suspicious? Report it.

Call 911 or the local non-emergency line

Contact Bridge Collaborative Community Advocates
24-hour hotline at 1-855-400-CSEC

Call the Organization of Prostitution Survivors 2
4-hour hotline at 206-853-6243


Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at

Contact National Missing and Exploited Children at



Contact your representatives to share your support for the Safe Harbor bill (HB1175/SB 5744).


Volunteer at one of StolenYouth’s events or contact our coalition partners for additional volunteer opportunities.

Raise Awareness

Raise awareness of this heinous crime by hosting an event or social media campaign.


Recognize the signs and report any suspicions to the National Human Trafficking Hotline.


Any amount makes a big difference in our effort to end child sex trafficking

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