About us

Our mission

To end child sex trafficking in Washington state. We inspire action, fundraise, and build and invest in coalitions to dismantle the marketplace exploiting children for sex.

Our vision

To expand the community’s awareness and ability to appropriately intervene on behalf of young people coerced into the sex trade and to work together for sustainable and system-wide change in our community. To provide funding to support an innovative collaboration of local organizations that brings together the strengths of direct service, policy development and the public sector.

How it all started

With a community behind you, you can move mountains.

Patty Fleischmann, President of StolenYouth

Our journey started with the award-winning book, SOLD by Patricia McCormick, that tells the story of a Nepali girl sold into the brothels of India. Inspired by what we learned from the book, some of us went to India to visit the NGOs doing the hard work on the ground. There, we discovered that under the direst of circumstances and with the humblest of resources, NGOs were making a difference in the lives of these girls.
Upon our return, we realized that we have a horrific problem here in our own backyard. A recent study identified that Seattle has one of the top twenty worst records for the sexual exploitation of children in the United States. This was our call to action and StolenYouth was born. If a tiny group of people in India can make a difference with the humblest amount of resources, then we must be able to effectively deal with this problem here where we have so many more resources.
We need your help to intervene and give the victims of commercial sexual exploitation a voice and a future. With your involvement, StolenYouth can raise funds and awareness, advocate and educate, support and empower each and every one of these children who desperately need our help.
We invite you to stand with us; there is room for everyone in our community to join us in this effort.
We cannot do this without you.